Welcome to Firesprite Poms.  My name is Christine and I have been actively showing and breeding poms since 2005. I am a very small home based show breeder located in Calgary Alberta.  My poms all live in my home, not a kennel.  They are underfoot in the house and yard, go for car rides, outings, holidays and regular walks with me in Fish Creek Park which is right outside my back door.   

I am not a volume breeder, I am a preservation breeder with a very small number of total dogs living in my home.  I take an incredible amount of information into account when breeding any litter.  Health, personality, temperament, pedigree and conformation are all very important in each breeding.   I will ONLY breed colors that are acceptable to show, I do not breed rare or exotics. 

My focus is poms that are true to type and only in the colors recognized and permitted for show by the kennel clubs, they come with generations of known dogs of reputable breeders behind them.   They are all WELL bred as well as purebred. 

I am the regional director for the Pom Club of Canada, I am an executive of the Southern Alberta Toy dog Fanciers Society and a member of the Pom Club of America. 

This site is loaded with hundreds of photos of my poms so you will have an excellent idea as to the look I have in all my pomeranians.  If you have any questions about how to obtain a Firesprite Pom feel free to send me an email.   c.s.hansen@outlook.com 

Please understand if you send me an email I have a real full time job to support my dog habits and an active family life.  I promise will get back to you when I have the time to commit to a proper reply.  


I was absolutely beyond thrilled to have my application accepted for the  American Pomeranian Club.  I have attended the national Specialties for years and have many of my poms in show homes in the USA 

Being a member means I can now be recognized for all of my American Champions by the Pom club, not just the AKC.    I could not be more proud!   

Firesprite Poms is located in Calgary Alberta Canada. 



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