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These are the dogs that we are running on for now in hope we will be able to perhaps  incorporate them into our breeding program.   We see them as having the desirable traits that we are looking for, we will have fun with them in the ring and then eventually do proper heath testings.  

Pink Sugar

Firesprite Once Upon A Time 


Fable is my first Brutus daughter out of Cheers

She is everything I had hoped for when I brought  Brutus up to Canada. 


Her 2 older siblings, same mom are Multi Group Placing Ch. Gilbert and Group Winner Champion Olivia 

I am very excited to see what the future holds for this lovely sable girl. 

Pink Sugar

Audrey is my second Brutus daughter out of Ch. Carly she has a stunning littermate Brigitte who is a little tougher to get pictures of on my own. but will try with more help soon.  

Pictured at almost 4 months I am very excited for this outstanding, outgoing girl. 

Taito is sired by Rooster out of a lovely bitch that my close friend Tracy was generous enough to send up for a visit.   Rooster is an outstanding producer and has 4 Champions. I have high hopes for both of these boys who will both be grown out here before we chose "where next"  

Pictured at almost 4 months. I love the legs and layback on this sassy boy. 

Copy Paste.. Hummer.

Littermate to Taito above    Hard to not love this one too


  Photo at 3.5 months

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