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Our Boys

 Firesprite Rockadoodle     "Rooster"   CHIC

I am so VERY excited about this little red boy.   Rooster goes back to many of my favorite dogs and is a delightful mix of his Parents Can Am GCH Sweetwater and Stagecoach's Oh Captain My Captain and My Lovely "Stella"  Ch. Firesprite's Golden Girl.  

Rooster was a Baby Puppy Group winner at the only show he has been to, Covid and my late husbands terminal cancer diagnosis prevented us from getting him out for his title. Never the less he remains an integral part of my breeding program and has a number of champion offspring as well as a few very promising young puppies we are growing out. 

OFA tested Heart (normal)

Patellas (normal) 

 CERF Eyes Normal 

Embark perfect <3  

CHIC    151540

Rooster has only been used at stud a select few times but is sire to the following Champions 

BPIG Ch. Crystalton Tribble Star Chaser  "Sid" 

Ch. Crystalton Tribble Little Nugget "Nugget"

Ch. Crystalton Tribble Star Dust "Dusty" 

Ch. Firesprite You're So Vain "Carly" 

He is also sire to my 2 young show prospects Hummer and Taito 

BBIG  Ch. Firesprite's Moon Rock  ... Hooter  CHIC


I could not have been more excited when this beautifully marked baby was born.    He is everything I could hope for in a  dog. Super outgoing, strong movement, lovely legs all wrapped up in a beautifully marked black and tan coat.  Hooter goes back to many of my foundation dogs and will be a valuable part of my program.

Sired by my lovely Russian Import Bond, who is now owned by his caregiver Lisa out of my totally adorable Zevah. 

Hooters first day in the ring was as a baby in a fun match where her beat out mature toy dogs as well as other puppies  to win the group.   He also picked up a baby group win his first weekend out.  He finished his Championship in style winning a group 3 in a very heavy toy group before his 11 m birthday. . 

Hooter lives with his other mother Cathy and the two of them may make an occasional appearance at a show here and there. 

Hooter is sire to Ch. Firesprite Music Man "Gilbert" who finished in just 2 weekends with 3 Best Of Breed Wins and went on to take a number of group placements. 

CERF eyes Normal

Patellas Normal no Luxation

Heart Normal



Can.GCh. Am. GCh. Firesprite's Down N Dirty ROM 
#3 pom in Canada 2016 

Fatboy........ number 3 pom in Canada 2016    one of the top sires in the USA 2019 

This amazing little guy is bred by me and lived with me until after he obtained his Championship. He is now co -owned by myself and Tofini Poms in Calgary. He is a multi Best Baby in Show Winner, Best Baby In Specialty Show Winner, Best Puppy In Show Winner, Multi puppy group placer and started his show career at Canada's Largest dog show winning Best of Breed over top Specials on his 6 month birthday.. 

Fatboy lives with his co-owner Fotina 

Fatboy is not only an outstanding boy in the ring, winning the group in both Canada and USA, he has proven himself to be an outstanding producer.  He is the first pom in Canada to receive his chase-ability title, he is more than a stunning package.

Wait...  Fatboy carries the parti gene!!!   In August 2020 I had a stunning litter that goes back to Fatboy, imagine my tremendous surprise to have a Parti Marked Puppy where we thought we had a solid color pedigree.  This hit my curiosity button and caused a flurry of DNA swabs over many generations to be taken only to discover that Fatboy is a carrier for the S Locus (parti gene)  It has been dormant for many generations in his offspring, what a shock to have it appear. We will be keeping this "surprise Parti"  here to hopefully be able to breed and show some exceptional quality Partis.  

He has been used on an extremely limited basis and is the sire to

GCH. Firesprite's Make My Motor Run  "Flirt"    

Ch. Firesprite's Vanity Plates  ROM  "NV"    

Can. Am. Bel. Lat. Ch. Firesprite's King Of Dreams  "Sultan"  

Ch. Firesprite's Dream Girl    "Ava" 

Am. Ch. Stagecoach's  Firelight Symphony  "Solomon" 

Am. Ch. Firesprite Executive Decisions "Jaffa" 

Am. GCh. Sweetwaters In The Nick Of Time  "Nick"

Can Am. Ch. Tofini Petal to the Metal   "Petal" 

Ch. Tofini Destined For The Screen "Starr" 

Ch. Tofini Don't Forget Your Flare  "Flare" 



OFA Tested Heart Normal

OFA Eyes Normal

OFA Patellas January  2019  0/1  (5 years) 

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