A little about Firesprite Poms. 

I am a very small show breeder located in Calgary Alberta.   

My goal is not to populate the world with a vast array of pets. I breed first and foremost so I personally have a few outstanding dogs to play with in the show ring.  Since starting this great adventure in 2004 I have finished over 50 poms, many of them my own breeding, some of them for the amazing people that have shared with me along the way.

My poms are raised in my home underfoot and are used to house hold noises. Door bells, coffee bean grinders, vacuum cleaners, pots pans, tools TV etc.  They are handled daily from birth and I practice ENS (Early neurological stimulation) with all my litters.    

Each breeding that takes place here at Firesprite is done only after a very careful study of both parents but also of all the generations behind those dogs.  I breed for Health, temperament and Conformation, conformation simply means how well the dog matches the breed description put out by recognized kennel clubs.  size, shape, color, coat, movement, temperament etc.  

It would be amazing if every litter resulted in only show puppies but it doesn't work that way.  Puppies are evaluated as they mature to see which have the best potential for show and all others will be offered as loving companions. 

My adults are health tested and registered with the orthopedic foundation for animals once they are old enough, most tests can not be done prior to a year of age.  All puppies are health checked. You can learn more about why it is so important to do these tests here.  https://www.ofa.org/   Just for kicks I have started testing with Embark, there really are very few things that embark tests for that are relevant to the breed.  In over 200 tested health markers there are less than a handful that pertain to our breed, however, hopefully in the future they will be able to use the samples that have been sent in to improve the breed.  

If you are interested in a pom feel free to email me.  I am always happy to share lots of videos via messenger and Whatsapp.  My facebook page has thousands of photos, updates and videos.

I am always happy to mentor others in Poms, it is easiest if it is someone closer to me and you will see Firesprite Poms and dogs that I have owned or do co own behind several other Alberta breeders, other Canadian breeders as well and many of my poms in showhomes worldwide.